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Miss Leanne Melbourne

Miss Leanne Melbourne

Miss Leanne Melbourne

Geology (PhD)

Area of research

The Future of UK Shelf Ecosystems (Prof. Daniela N. Schmidt and Prof. Emily J Rayfield)

+44 (0) 117 954 5243


Rising levels of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere are leading to environmental changes in the ocean, such as warming and acidification, with calcifying organisms at risk due to the decreasing ability to calcify in a more acidic environment.  Maerl, sedimentary deposits of coralline red algae, are structurally and functionally complex in order to support a high level of biodiversity.  I am interested in how changing environments will affect these organisms and whether they are able to adapt over longer periods of time. My research focuses on the last 100 years of climate change and its effect on the mineralogical and material properties and hence the structural integrity of coralline algae, using historical (pre-industrialisation) and contemporary specimens around the UK to infer about the future of the UK shelf.

I will be using a range of analytical techniques including Electron Microscopy and Laser Ablation-ICP-MS for structural and chemical mapping. As well as creating Finite Element models from computed tomography scans to test the structural integrity of coralline algae.



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