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Dr Nick Teanby

Dr Nick Teanby

Dr Nick Teanby
MA, MSci(Cantab), PhD(Leeds)

Reader in Planetary Science

Area of research

Planetary Atmospheres and Interiors

Office IC002
Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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+44 (0) 117 331 5006


My research comprises application of geophysical techniques to solve planetary science problems. Currently, my primary research focus is the atmosphere of Saturn's giant moon Titan, which has a thick nitrogen and methane atmosphere with a varied organic photochemistry. 

My studies use infra-red remote sensing data measured by the Cassini spacecraft, combined with radiative transfer techniques to map out the distribution of unstable organic species. These species can be used as tracers to provide new insights into Titan's large-scale dynamics, such as the polar vortex and meridional circulation. 

I also study the atmospheres of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars using both space-based and ground-based instruments such as the UK Infra-Red Telescope, NASA's Infra-Red Telescope Facility, Gemini, and Herschel. 

Recently I have begun to apply seismic techniques developed for Earth to planetary interiors to aid development of future in-situ geophysical missions to the planets including NASA's InSight mission to Mars.


2013-present University of Bristol, Senior Research Fellow in Planetary Science

2010-2013 University of Bristol,STFC Advanced Research Fellow (Planetary Atmospheres and Interiors)

2008-2010 University of Oxford,STFC Advanced Research Fellow (Planetary Atmospheres and Interiors)

2003-2008 University of Oxford,Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Planetary Atmospheres)

2001-2003 Univeristy of Leeds,Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Seismology)

1997-2001 University of Leeds,PhD (Geomagnetism)

1993-1997 University of Cambridge,Degree in Natural Sciences (Physics)


Lecturer: Atmospheric Processes (2nd Year)

Lecturer: Independent Geoscience Skills: Programming and Numerical Methods (2nd Year)

Supervisor: Geophysics Brecon Beacons field course (3rd Year)

Supervisor: Geophysics field projects (3rd Year)

Supervisor: Final year projects (4th Year)

Post Graduate Training Coordinator


  • planets
  • geophysics
  • atmospheres
  • seismology

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Dr Teanby currently teaches 4 courses:

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