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Professor Rich Pancost


In the past, I have taught Chemistry and Earth Sciences at all levels.  Currently, as Director of the Cabot Institute, I do not do any formal teaching. However, I am passionate about learning - and I am particularly dedicated to supporting the next generation achieve their potential. Engaging with diverse young people and ensuring that our university is open to and supports them is the most rewarding part of our jobs.  And providing them the best possible educational experience is necessary for achieving a fair and sustainable future.   As Cabot Director, I teach on Big Ideas in Science, contribute to the Innovate courses, have helped develop the Sustainable Futures theme of Bristol Futures, developed the engaged MSc programme (to connect Masters Students to community partners with interesting research challenges), and support the Student Union and various student societies. 

Outside of the University, I do a great deal of outreach, particularly aimed at diversifying the audiences with whom we engage.  I helped launch the Green and Black Ambassadors Project with Ujima Radio and the Bristol Green Captial Partnership, and each year I participate in the Marvin Rees' Leadership Conference for young people.