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Ms Susana Gutarra Diaz

Ms Susana Gutarra Diaz

Ms Susana Gutarra Diaz

Area of research

Evolutionary innovations and convergence in Mesozoic marine reptiles: locomotory adaptations to ocean ecosystems

Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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Research summary

My research focuses on the study of the evolution of hydrodynamic performance and swimming adaptations in Mesozoic marine reptiles using Computational Fluid Dynamic tools, analysis of morphospace of locomotion-related traits and comparative phylogenetic methods.


During the Mesozoic, various groups of reptiles took to the seas. Some them constituted highly diverse and successful clades, such as the iconic Ichthyosaurs, Sauropterygians, Thalattosuchians and Mossasaurs. Their rich fossil record and recently revised and well-resolved phylogenies, make of them extraordinary models for testing large scale evolutionary hypothesis.


Efficient locomotion in water results from combination of strategies that lead to reducing drag and ...

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