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Dr Timothy Gregory


I started my PhD here at the Univeristy of Bristol in September 2015. I am researching the evolution of the solar nebula using Pb-Pb and Al-Mg isotope systematics in chondrules, under the supervision of Tim Elliott (UoB), Sara Russell (NHM), Stephen Noble (BGS, NERC), and Chris Coath (UoB). My research project involves isotopic analysis (using ICP-MS and TIMS), petrographic characterisation of chondrules (using SEM and synchrotron analysis), and sample preparation. 

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester in 2015, where I studied Geology with Planetary Science (MEarthSci). For my final year MEarthSci project (2014-2015) I conducted a bulk chemical, petrographic, and mineralogical characterisation of the lithologically diverse howardite meteorite Miller Range 11100. I also spent 10 weeks during the summer of 2014 studying the lithological make-up of CM chondrites as an LPI Summer Intern. 

Studying meteorites allows me to study two of the things that I find most interesting in Nature - rocks and space. 



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