Public engagement

We study all aspects of the history of the Earth and of life; how the Earth, oceans, and atmospheres work; and the economic and applied aspects of resources and hazards. We are all keen to engage with children and the public in general about our subjects.

We deliver outreach workshops to schools that show how the things they are learning in class relate to the life of a research scientist.

We invite teachers to contact us if they are interested in a session on subjects such as Geological time, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Volcanic hazards, Structure of the Earth, Plate tectonics, Geophysics, Climate change, and Economic geology. We are happy to speak to children of all ages, from 5 to 18, or even 100. Contact us by emailing

We offer a one week work experience programme for year 10 and 11 students from local schools. Details of how to apply can be found on our website.

We are regularly involved in outreach and public engagement activities for adults and children. These take the form of public lectures and exhibitions (including activities for Science Week) sometimes in collaboration with Bristol City Museum. We frequently speak in schools, partner with schools, and participate in open days and widening participation activities.

Here at Bristol we have been successful in obtaining funds from the Royal Astronomical Society to purchase seismometers for installation around schools in south west England as part of the British Geological Survey's UK School Seismology Project.

Volcano outreach

Many students aren't aware that a science career can allow them to study volcanoes or earthquakes (or more), so outreach activities are essential to widen their horizons and break typical scientific stereotypes.

Engaging the students through different experiments and hands-on demonstrations ensures they go home with some lasting memories. This video shows some of the activities carried out during the Access to Bristol scheme to learn about volcanology.

UK School Seismology Project

The British Geological Survey's UK School Seismology Project enables schools to detect signals from large earthquakes happening anywhere in the world. Using a basic seismometer installed in their own grounds, students have a unique opportunity to see the sort of data that research seismologists deal with on a daily basis.

Your Planet Earth

Your Planet Earth is a resource for teachers and others communicating Earth science topics to pupils aged 14-15, developed in the School and launched by the Geologists Association and the Geological Society.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project

Palaeontology resource packs for Key Stages 1-4 on Thecodontosaurus, a real dinosaur from Bristol. Find out more about the award-winning Bristol Dinosaur Project.

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