Supporting Students’ Development of Multiplicative Reasoning

24 March 2009, 5.30 PM - 24 March 2009, 5.30 PM

A seminar presented by Paul Cobb

Organised by Centre for Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (L-KIT)

Speaker: Professor Paul Cobb - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Room 410, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA. 5.30pm

The challenge of supporting students’ transition from additive to multiplicative reasoning cuts across all strands of the curriculum and should be a major focus of teaching and learning in the upper primary and early secondary stages. Within this presentation I shall give examples from across the curriculum to indicate the importance of reasoning in terms of ratios, proportions and rates. I will then draw on a classroom experiment carried out with a group of 13 year old students to give practical advice about what needs to be considered when supporting students’ development of multiplicative reasoning.


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