Perspectives of adolescents from different ethnic backgrounds on British history

21 January 2009, 11.30 AM - 21 January 2009, 11.30 AM

Kate Hawkey and Jayne Prior present a Seminar focusing on the perspectives of adolescents
Organised by Centre for Narratives and Transformative Learning (CeNTraL)

Speaker: Kate Hawkey and Jayne Prior of the Graduate School of Education

Room 410, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA 11.30am - 12.45pm

The research aimed to elicit firstly, the narratives of British history that children from different ethnic backgrounds hold; and secondly, the relationship between what history children learn from home and from school. The theme of the research has been under-researched in England and the research drew from similar work conducted in USA and N.Ireland. The research was conducted in three inner city secondary comprehensives in three different cities; two schools were multi-ethnic in composition and one largely monocultural. Five students, aged 14-15, still studying history, including girls and boys from different ethnic backgrounds, were interviewed in each school. Images reflecting the history curriculum followed in each particular school were used as a stimulus for the semi-structured interviews. History subject leaders were interviewed to identify their priorities and perspectives in relation to the history curriculum. A follow-up workshop for the three participating schools was run to discuss emerging findings.

View the Abstract (PDF, 104kB) and Presentation (Office document, 493kB) (PowerPoint presentation 493KB)


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