Occupy: A new pedagogy of space and time

9 March 2012, 3.00 PM - 9 March 2012, 3.00 PM

The first SRHE Southwest Higher Education Network Seminar of 2012
Organised by Centre for Globalisation, Education and Societies (GES) and South West Higher Education Network

Speakers: Professor Mike Neary and Dr Sarah Amsler

Location and time: Room, 120, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, 35 Berkeley Square,  3 - 4.30pm

Please book by contacting: Richard.Budd@bristol.ac.uk

View the flier for Occupy: a new pedagogy of space and time (PDF, 32kB)

This seminar will explore the significance of the current Occupations movement for the reinvention of teaching and learning in higher education. The first part will explore some of the theories and pedagogical practices that underlie the educational dimensions of the occupations. The second part will offer illustrations of projects that are confronting similar issues in higher education. The projects are Student as Producer and the Social Science Centre, both located in the city of Lincoln, with which the authors are involved. Professor Neary and Dr Amsler will conclude by suggesting that while the concept and practice of occupation contributes much to the ongoing debate about the meaning and future of higher education, it can be further radicalized by emphasising Occupy¹s inherent dynamic sensibility. This radicalized dynamic sensibility is defined as a new ‘pedagogy of space and time’ (Lefebvre 1990).






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