Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The School of Education provides high-quality professional development, based on cutting-edge research and our own research-based practice.

We recognise that Continuing Professional Development is linked to the specific needs of either an individual or a school. In response to this we welcome enquires to explore your needs futher.

Some of the ways we are able to meet Continuing Professional Development needs include:

  • accredited school based master's and doctoral units and programmes;
  • accredited University of Bristol master's and doctoral units and programmes;
  • non accredited University courses;
  • non accredited collaborative school led courses;
  • consultancy - this can include supporting schools or groups of schools with curriculum development, implementation and evaluation of innovative pedagogy, school improvement initiatives, and developing leadership and management. We have helped schools to think about how they can bring a more research- oriented approach to their daily work and critically adopt evidence-based practice. A particular area of expertise is in supporting individual teachers and schools with action research projects. More information is available here on action_research (Office document, 15kB).
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