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Dr Bernardita Munoz-Chereau children’s novel 'El Diario de Noelia/Noelia’s Diary' gets honourable mention from IBBY-Chile


29 September 2017

The children’s novel El Diario de Noelia/Noelia’s Diary written by the School of Education’s Dr Bernardita Munoz-Chereau, has got an honourable mention, Colibri medal 2017, from IBBY-Chile, the Chilean section of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People).

The jury highlighted the valuable contribution that this book is making to children's literature. Noelia’s Diary, a ground-braking work of fiction that had to overcome initial censorship, represents the Chilean dictatorship for a young audience in a context where this dark chapter of the country’s history has had an elusive presence.

Noelia’s Diary was recently launched in Santiago (see press release) and in London (see press release).

The book will be included in the 2017 international catalogue’s award, which will enhance the possibilities for future translations and publications of the book in an international context.

Building on her experience as a children’s books author and researcher, Bernardita also hosted a ‘Children’s literature and its role in learning about conflict and peace’ seminar with Dr Julia Paulson (School of Education).

The seminar nurtured and enhanced the visibility of a new niche of interdisciplinary research that is emerging at the SoE around children’s literature and its role when learning about conflict and peace. In the current context — where the record levels of people are forced to flee their homes, the refugee crisis and the threat recent polarisation and terror attacks pose — the experience of writing Noelia’s Diary enabled Bernardita to share some reflections on the role that children’s literature can play when tacking these issues in the educational setting.

Many congratulations to Bernardita on you recent successes! 

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