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Publication - Dr Jo Rose

    Aspirations in an austerity state

    young people's hopes and dreams for the future


    Rose, JR & Baird, J-A, 2013, ‘Aspirations in an austerity state: young people's hopes and dreams for the future’. London Review of Education, vol 11., pp. 157-173


    Survey findings from 1701 Year 11 and Year 13 students across 35 English educational institutions are reported, which indicate young people’s hopes and goals, and the ways in which their institutions support them in their aspirations. This research adds to the literature empirical findings using a methodological stance on the study of aspirations that is open to broader perspectives of young people’s agendas for their lives. The majority of young people reported high-educational (e.g. university) and career (e.g. a professional or well-paid job) aspirations. Life satisfaction and developing relationships was also high on the agenda of many young people.

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