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Dr Jo Rose

Jo is a social psychologist in education, and is particularly interested in understanding how young people's trajectories through education can best be supported. Her specific research interests include educational partnerships; inter-professional collaboration; widening participation; and aspirations of young people. More broadly, Jo is particularly interested in issues around professional and organisational activity, professional identity, and engagement of stakeholders in education and support services. She is also interested in aspirations and achievement of young people, particularly young people from contexts where high attainment and progression through education is not necessarily the norm. 

Jo has a broad range of expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and has used both extensively over the course of her research career. 

Jo is interested in supervising doctoral students in any of the broad areas listed above, with particular interests in educational partnerships and collaborative working, and in widening participation and aspirations. In addition, Jo and Shelley Mckeown Jones supervise a number of students together: we bring complementary interests, and diverse expertise in a broad range of methodological approaches. Our shared focus on how differences in socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds can impact on the likelihood of positive trajectories and outcomes means that we offer potential students the opportunity to join an exciting and dynamic group of researchers. 

Jo is on the advisory group for the Centre for Research in Education Across Boundaries.


Research keywords

inter-professional working, inter-disciplinary working, partnerships, collaborative working, aspirations, widening participation, social justice, inequalities in education, inclusive education, parental engagement, quantitative methods, qualitative methods.

Learned societies &
professional bodies

  • British Psychological Society (Graduate Member).