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Bristol Partnership for Learning with Digital Technologies

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The project will provide support and stimulation to enable Bristol secondary schools to develop their capacity for using digital technologies for learning.

The Graduate School of Education is working in partnership with four secondary schools in Bristol and Bristol City Council to provide the best possible service to schools, supporting them to conceive and execute projects using digital technologies to support students' learning. The resulting community will identify common challenges, work on technology-supported solutions and work together to apply and refine these solutions, learning and benefiting from each others’ successes and set backs.  The result will be a critical mass of innovation across Bristol schools that will support all those involved to make a meaningful transformation in teaching and learning. The project will build on the model for improving classroom learning with ICT developed by colleagues at the Graduate School of Education within the InterActive Education Project.

Project dates
01 May 2011 - 31 Aug 2013
Project director(s):
Professor Ros Sutherland
Project funder:
Partnership for Schools & Bristol Local Authority
Project collaborator(s):
Cotham School
St Bernadette's Catholic Secondary School
St Bede's Catholic College
Knowle DGE School
Project group:
Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (L-KIT)
Professor Ros Sutherland