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Publication - Professor Roger Dale

    The social condition of higher education

    Globalisation and (beyond) regionalisation in Latin America


    Gomes, A, Robertson, SL & Dale, IR, 2012, ‘The social condition of higher education: Globalisation and (beyond) regionalisation in Latin America’. Globalisation, Societies and Education, vol 10., pp. 221-245


    This article discusses the relationship between higher education (HE), globalisation and regionalisation projects focusing on HE in Latin America and Brazil. It is claimed that HE has predominantly taken the diverse, yet concerted routes of globalisation and regionalisation and in doing so has been profoundly transformed. The paper examines policies and projects that are being advanced at a series of scales in Latin America; it focuses downward into Brazil and upward toward regional initiatives like Mercosur and for profit transnational firms with a growing presence in Brazil.

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