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Publication - Professor Roger Dale

    Globalising and Regionalising Higher Education in Latin America

    Locating Brazil in Multi-scalar Projects and Politics


    Gomes, A, Robertson, SL & Dale, IR, 2013, ‘Globalising and Regionalising Higher Education in Latin America: Locating Brazil in Multi-scalar Projects and Politics’. in: Higher Education in the Global Age : Policy, Practice, and Promise in Emerging Societies . Routledge


    This chapter examines the dynamic and changing relationships within and between higher education in Brazil and the Latin American region, and as it is mediated through national, regional and globalising projects. We explore the emergence, materialisation, institutionalisation, and tendential outcomes within these distinct, but not discrete, territorial spaces as they are shaped by development projects and routes that involve both neo-liberal political projects, on the one hand, and recent counter-tendencies, on the other. These counter-tendencies now challenge the historic inclination within the Latin American region to define development in the shadow of, and in relation to, US foreign policy, with important implications for higher education policies and practices. These newer projects offer the possibility of an alternative trajectory that marks a new phase in national and regional development.

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