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Publication - Professor Sally Barnes

    Deep and wide: a holistic study of learning with ICT amongst 14 to 19 year olds in and out of the classroom


    Barnes, S & Timmis, S, 2009, ‘Deep and wide: a holistic study of learning with ICT amongst 14 to 19 year olds in and out of the classroom’. in: CAL 09, Brighton Hilton, Brighton.


    This project explores the relationship between technology and deep learning within the 14 to 19 age group in the United Kingdom and makes recommendations about the ways in which technology enabled practices can be developed in the future to support deep learning. Student approaches to learning within the 14 -19 age range may be quite different and be more complex when students are required to learn in both face to face and online environments (Ellis et al, 2006) and are subject to more unplanned influences than in traditional teaching contexts (Jones & Bloxham, 2001). This suggests the need for more in-depth understanding of students’ choices and rationales for using digital tools as well as a better understanding of the requirements and facilities supported by teachers and educational institutions.

    As part of the larger study, we carried out an in-depth “mini-longitudinal” study within 3 educational institutions. In particular, we observed and recorded classrooms to explore the context of the learning activities being undertaken by young people and the role of technology in supporting their learning directly through access to resources, materials, VLEs, and other digital tools. We interviewed teachers to begin to understand how they perceived the impact of technology on the use of deep learning strategies. Students, from each observed class, kept diaries of all their uses of technology for 24 hours and were then interviewed about these tools and practices.

    The results of this study will be presented as a series of “stories” which combine video segments with the voices of teachers and learners. These “stories” provide a holistic view of how digital tools for learning are used inside and outside of formal educational settings. Examples showing how these uses can be considered in terms of a deep approach to learning will also be presented and discussed.

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