Martin Hughes Prize


The Martin Hughes memorial prize is awarded annually and commemorates the work of Martin Hughes who was a developmental psychologist and Professor of Education at the University of Bristol.  Martin dedicated his life working to understand the social context of children’s learning and the social embedding of their knowledge and understanding.  He was principally known for his work on children’s  informal and formal understanding of number. 


This new award supports work which reflects Martin’s interests in children’s thinking, the roles of parents in children’s education and teacher knowledge and understanding.  The prize seeks to support the efforts of an individual or school to become more aware of children’s informal (e.g. out of school), learning, knowledge and understanding and to build on that awareness within school.  It supports innovation in home school knowledge exchange.

Preference will be given to teachers whose work reflects Martin’s interests in the social context of children’s and young people’s informal learning.   

Applications will be assessed by a panel including Prof Rosamund Sutherland, Wan Ching Yee, Anthony Feiler and members of the Home School Knowledge Exchange team.

A condition of the award is that the successful recipient is required to submit (by an agreed date) an account of how the award was used and what happened.  We would expect the account to be submitted for publication  (and if required, support for writing  will be made available). 


The award is open to teachers from non fee-paying schools in Bristol, the South West and South Wales as it is schools from these areas that have consistently supported the data collections for many of Martin’s research projects.  Applicants are normally teachers involved in research in at least Master’s level and applications are welcome from early years, primary and secondary schools.  The award can be used to support research and innovation through, for example, conference attendance, materials development, field work or research expenses.


The award normally has a maximum of £750 but exceptions can be made at the discretion of the panel where the research or innovation requirements exceed this sum.


The normal deadline for submissions is 31 July. 

How to enter

Application for the award is by application form (Office document, 15kB) to include an outline as to what the individual or school wants to do, how the sum will be utilised and what the hoped for benefits will be.

Applicants should submit their application to

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