Ethics procedures

The following procedures apply to all SoE research proposals. The process is designed to be supportive and educative. Support for it is available below. If you are preparing to submit a research proposal, you need to:

1. Download, read and complete the SoE Ethics Form (Office document, 31kB)

2. Arrange a meeting with a fellow researcher with relevant experience to discuss ethical aspects of your proposed research.

3. Modify your SoE's Ethics Form to reflect how your approach has changed and to act as a record of your discussion and any decisions made. 4. Upload a copy of the completed form using RED's online tool and including copies of all consent forms, information sheets, and materials to be given to participants. You should also keep a copy of the ethics form for yourself.

5. Submit the form for approval (note that you will need to answer ALL the questions in the ethics online survey). NB: Supervisors are requested to consult with members of the Ethics committee in case of any queries e.g. over approving potentially sensitive research topics.

6. If you have successfully submitted you will receive an email to acknowledge this.

7. For staff research only: Follow the above procedure and in addition, send an electronic copy of the completed form to

The Ethics Committee meetings overseeing this process take place at regular intervals throughout the academic year when a random sample of student forms and all staff forms will be reviewed for quality assurance purposes.

When you have received confirmation of ethical approval, please include a copy of the completed SoE ethics form and the confirmation of approval as an Appendix in your dissertation.

Additional support

  • If you need formal clearance for a prospective funder, please contact the SoE's Ethics Coordinator (Amanda Williams
  • You can discuss any aspect of this process or issues relating to your research with members of the SoE's ethics committee.

Any helpful suggestions about these procedures can be sent to the SoE Ethics Mailbox.

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