Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellowships

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We welcome enquiries from potential applicants to various UK and European Postdoctoral funding schemes.

The Graduate School of Education (GSoE) has a successful track record of hosting Postdoctoral Fellows.

Read about our current and recent postdoctoral fellows.

Funding schemes

By following the links below you will be able to discover what levels of funding are available and eligibility criteria:

We also welcome international Postdoctoral Fellows with secured funding from other agencies.

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The selection criteria for GSoE support for any potential Postdoctoral fellow is:


We ask that all Postdoctoral fellows present at least one research seminar while they are in the School and submit a research output, for example, a paper, PowerPoint presentation or podcast.

We also ask that applicants have a level of English that is of a standard that is suitable for academic work.

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Application process

After you have identified a research project that is of mutual interest to yourself and a member of GSoE staff who works in your area, please complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship application form and attach a copy of your CV.  Email this information to Mary.OConnell@bristol.ac.uk.Your submission will be reviewed by the Deputy Research Director and you will be notified promptly of decision outcomes. If successful, further information will be made available on what steps to take next.

Information and enquiries

Full details on staff research interests.


Mary O'Connell
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Email: Mary.OConnell@bristol.ac.uk
Tel: (0117) 331 4291


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