Bristol Working Papers in Education

The School of Education, Bristol Working Papers in Education series allows both staff and students to share important work-in-progress and forthcoming publications with researchers, stakeholders and a wider public audience.

Working Papers: 

01/2016  Understanding the Gender Gap in Literacy and Language (PDF, 760kB) Authors: Professor Gemma Moss and Dr Liz Washbrook (published July 2016)

02/2016  The evolution of school league tables in England 1992-2016 (PDF, 1,657kB) Authors: Dr George Leckie and Professor Harvey Goldstein (published October 2016)

03/2016 Improving Secondary School Teacher Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa (PDF, 1,202kB) Authors: Dr Dave Bainton, Dr Angeline Mbogo Barrett and Professor Leon Tikly (published November 2016)

04/2017 Learning from Innovation for Education in Rwanda (PDF, 3,165kB) Authors: Professor Leon Tikly and Dr Lizzi Milligan (published May 2017)

05/2018 - Supporting Secondary School STEM Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (PDF, 1,110kB) Authors: Professor Leon Tikly, Marie Joubert, Dr Angeline M. Barrett, Dr Dave Bainton, Leanne Cameron and Helen Doyle (published April 2018)

06/2018 - Scan of International Approaches to Teacher Assessment (PDF, 2,427kB). Authors: ArtemioArturo Cortez Ochoa, Professor Sally Thomas, Professor Leon Tikly and Helen Doyle (published April 2018)

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