MRes and MSc Research Programmes

MRes Economics units

Teaching Block 1 Core units

  • MRes Mathematics for Economics
  • MRes Microeconomics I
  • MRes Macroeconomics I
  • MRes Econometrics I

Teaching Block 2 Core units

  • MRes Research Methods in Economics
  • MRes Microeconomics II
  • MRes Macroeconomics II
  • MRes Econometrics II

The MRes in Economics is designed for those students with a potential interest in future study at PhD level, and emphasizes the knowledge and skills needed for PhD research. The programme may also be suitable for those planning to work as an economist outside academia, but seeking a good technical training for their later career.

MSc SSRM Core Units

Teaching Block 1 Core units

  • Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Philosophy and Research Design in the Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Teaching Block 2 Core units

  • Researching Institutions, Organisations & Management
  • Either Advanced Qualitative Research or, Advanced Quantitative Research
  • One optional unit

The MSc in Social Science Research Methods (Management) is designed to provide students with the range of skills required for researching management and organisation from a social sciences perspective. Teaching is delivered in a thriving research environment which values original and critically engaged scholarship. Graduating students will be equipped to proceed to PhD study but the programme will enhance the employability of those wishing to develop research careers outside academia in private, government or third sector organisations

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