Management Seminars: Carol Woodhams

8 March 2016, 4.00 PM - 8 March 2016, 5.30 PM

Professor Carol Woodhams (Exeter Business School)

G.15, 15-19 Tyndalls Park Road

Title:  Pay inequality - it's not just a gender issue


Recent work (Woodhams et al, 2013) suggests that pay penalties accumulate for those with multiple labour market disadvantages in relation to gender, age, ethnicity and disability.  However it is not known what the pay penalties associated with specific dual or multiple identities are, or how pay gaps accrue across groups.  This article, drawing on an analysis of multiple years of UK pay data (n= 470,724) in a large private sector company, investigates. It reveals that employees with certain sets of characteristics accrue greater than expected adjusted pay penalties.  Most notably, women suffer more than expected – particularly in relation to age and disability.  However this situation is reversed for men.  Explanations for these findings and their implications for theorising pay inequality are considered.  An agenda for policy and practice, and for future research, is set out.






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