Management Seminars: Ben Marder (University of Edinburgh Business School)

23 January 2018, 12.00 PM - 23 January 2018, 1.30 PM

Ben Marder (University of Edinburgh Business School)

G.01, 34 Tyndall's Park Road

Title: Surveillance, Social Media and the Tourism Industry


Ben will present two research projects related to the impact of social media within the tourism industry. First, a paper currently under revision at the Journal of Travel Research, titled: “The Ubiquitous Phenomenon of Idyllic Vacation Posts on Facebook: A model for understanding the psychological and behavioral implications of incidental vicarious consumption of travel.” In essence this paper examines the emotional and behavioural outcomes of viewing those somewhat tyrannous idyllic posts by friends on social media showing off what a perfect vacation they are having #beachlife.  Second, a work in progress will be presented which examines the impact of review site (e.g. Tripadvisor) saliency in the minds of service employees on their emotions and motivation to satisfy consumers.  In other words, do the invisible eyes of the TripAdvisor owl make people work harder. This project was inspired by Ben’s widely read paper on the ‘Chilling effect’ of social media published in Computers in Human Behavior, that found that Facebook users constrain their actions in offline ‘in reality’ in fear of peer surveillance.

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