Management Seminars: Navonil Mustafee (University of Exeter)

5 November 2019, 12.00 PM - 5 November 2019, 1.30 PM

Navonil Mustafee (University of Exeter)

1.01 Howard House

Title: NHSquicker: Shaping Demand for Urgent and Emergency Care through Digital Nudges and Real-Time Data


This research aims to investigate if indirect suggestions (nudges) can support patients in need of urgent care to make more informed decisions about available healthcare choices. A nudge can be delivered using targeted adverts, mail campaigns, and, central to the theme of this research, through ‘digital’ means using apps, wearables, and push notifications. NHSquicker is a platform that has been co-developed by the Health and Care IMPACT Network, a collaboration between the University of Exeter Business School and NHS Trusts in the South West of England. It is designed to deliver nudges to inform patients of alternative locations for urgent care. The platform comprises of (a) a user-facing app that provides suggestions taking into account the live waiting time from Emergency Departments (ED)/urgent care centres and travel time; (b) the platform backend that receives real-time feeds and allows for easy integration of new feeds; (c) a business intelligence dashboard designed for use in EDs and urgent care centres. The app helps patients make informed decisions, for example, whether they visit a facility which may be nearer to them but with a long waiting time or travel to an alternative location that is further away but with a shorter waiting time. An evaluation framework has been designed to capture evidence of impact and triangulate findings from patient questionnaires, secondary data analysis, app analytics, uptake of technology by the Trusts, anecdotal evidence, lab-based experiments (WIP) and a planned RCT study. Preliminary evidence suggests that a sustained marketing and communication effort will increase the adoption of NHSquicker, which will contribute to reducing demand for ED from low-acuity ED attendees, and help redirection of such patients to urgent care centres, minor injury units and other healthcare facilities.

NHSquicker is currently live in all of Devon and Cornwall and covers parts of Somerset and Bristol. It receives real-time data from 27 centres for urgent care, including nine emergency departments. It can be downloaded from The link to the Health and Care IMPACT Network is


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