News in 2011

  • Bristol Research in the News 5 December 2011 New Research from Professor Simon Burgess and Dr Steven Proud, of the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, with Dr Robert Metcalfe of the University of Oxford has been widely reported in the news. Their research has shown that children who sit high stakes examinations during major football tournaments perform worse than if they sat them in a football-free summer.
  • Helen Simpson awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize 27 October 2011 Dr Helen Simpson has been awarded a £70,000 Philip Leverhulme Prize. Around 30 prizes are awarded annually to “outstanding scholars who have made a substantial and recognised contribution to their particular field of study.”
  • Internal consultants demonstrate resilience in economic downturn 26 October 2011 New findings from one of the first large scale studies of internal management consultancy in the UK reveal strength under considerable client pressure and scrutiny. In the current economic climate, there are lessons here for its external counterpart, long seen as the more successful and robust side of management consultancy.
  • British Academy fellowship for Dr Paddy Carter 26 October 2011 Dr Paddy Carter has been awarded a Postdoctoral British academy fellowship in economics
  • Carol Propper wins the Australian Health Economics Society Research Prize 25 October 2011 Carol Propper, with co-authors Mike Shields and David Johnston, has won the Australian Health Economics Society Research Prize 2001 for their work on hypertension reporting
  • Study finds public sector workers more pro-socially motivated than their private sector counterparts 25 October 2011 New research has found public sector workers are typically more pro-socially motivated than their private sector counterparts. The CMPO working paper examined motivational indicators in workers from both sectors across 51 countries.
  • SaM Inaugural Conference in Bristol 30 June 2011 The European Search and Matching (SaM) network will hold its inaugural conference on July 4-5, 2011 at the University of Bristol. The event will be hosted and jointly sponsored by Centre for Structural Econometrics. This conference will be an opportunity to honor the 2010 Nobel laureates Dale Mortensen and Chris Pissarides, who will both be giving keynote lectures.
  • Bristol research reported in the Financial Times 14 June 2011 Research by Professor Daniella Acker (Accounting and Finance) and Dr Nigel Duck (Economics) was recently covered by Alice Ross in the Financial Times ('ETF tracking errors vary widely', June 11 and in on June 10). Professor Acker and Dr Duck have shown that tracking errors of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can vary with the day of the month on which the underlying monthly returns are based.
  • Postgraduates are finalists at Econometric Game 21 April 2011 For the second year running, the School of EFM sent a team of PhD and Masters students to the Econometric Game Congress in Amsterdam. Our team of post-graduates were among the finalists.
  • Lifetime achievment award to David Ashton 21 April 2011 The British Accounting Association has awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor David Ashton this year. The awards are made annually to one or more individuals who have made a substantial and direct contribution to UK academic accounting and finance over the course of their careers.
  • EFM Annual Gala Dinner 1 March 2011 Students and staff enjoyed the annual social event of a formal dinner. This year the dinner was in the Royal West Academy and the evening finished with some dancing to a jazz band.
  • Bristol economists in the news 23 February 2011 The views of CMPO economists Paul Gregg and Carol Propper were both reported in the Guardian newspaper on 23 February. Professor Gregg's views on the proposed work capability assessment made the front page and the lead editorial quoted Professor Propper on price competition in the health service.
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