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Institutional Experimentation for Better Work Project

18 September 2017

Professors Glenn Morgan and Peter Turnbull from the Department of Management together with colleagues from Cardiff Business School have been part of a successful grant application to the Canadian Social Science Research Council for 2.5 million Canadian dollars.

The Project led by the University of Montreal, HEC Montreal and Laval Universite, Quebec lasts for 7 years (from 2017-2024) and aims to build knowledge on and understanding of how to make work better. The focus is on actors in the world of work who engage in social experimentation and on whether that experimentation leads to work being better or worse. The programme is concerned with the institutions and regulation of labour markets, work and employment, the disruptive changes in work arising from technology, globalization, finance and state reform, and the role of social actors in developing new responses to these global challenges. There is strong emphasis on building links with social actors and involving them in the development of the research and the project more generally.

The project is based on funding a range of networking activities on this theme, including workshops and conferences, faculty and doctoral student exchange and joint publications. There are a number of partner centres in the project in North America (including the ILR schools at Cornell and Rutgers and the Harvard Labor and Worklife Program), in Australia (RMIT and Griffiths University), Mexico (COLEF, Tijuana) China (Renmin) and Europe (Leuven, Bordeaux, Paris-Dauphine and the European Trade Union Institute). 

Participation and funding for specific activities is open to all relevant faculty and doctoral students in the participating centres. The project starts in October 2017 with a doctoral workshop and planning meeting in Quebec. The first major conference is provisionally scheduled for October 25-27, 2018. There will also be sessions organized within international conferences such as the Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics to be held next year in Kyoto between 25-27 June 2018.

We invite any member of faculty or doctoral student interested in themes to contact us for more details of the wider project and ongoing activities.

Glenn Morgan 

Peter Turnbull 

Department of Management,
School of Economics, Finance and Management,
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law,
University of Bristol

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