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British Academy Leverhulme Research Grant Success

25 September 2017

Alireza Sepahsalari wins grant for project: Labour market transitions and self-employment in the UK

This project intends to study the role of self-employment in affecting the transition rates into and out of unemployment in the UK during the Great Recession. The first step is to study the contribution of self-employment in understanding employment and unemployment rates, particularly during the Great Recession. In the next step I plan to study the impact of self-employment on job creation in the UK. This is a particularly interesting and under-explored question, since new businesses developed by self-employed entrepreneurs are an important source of job creation in the UK. Finally, I plan to construct a structural model explaining the dynamics of self-employment to assess the effectiveness of government-introduced financial policies to promote self-employment and during the Great Recession

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Dr Alireza Sepahsalari

Bristish Academy Leverhulme

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