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British Academy Leverhulme Research Grant Success

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2 October 2017

Christoph Koenig wins grant for project: Economic Inequality and the Rise of Socialism during Germany's Second Industrial Revolution (1892-1914)

This project uses data from Imperial Germany to study exogenous shocks to agricultural yield and manufacturing trade. These shocks make it possible to isolate large-scale variations in local income inequalities but also to study the impact of inequality on the local political structure. The focus will be on the rise of the German Socialist party (SPD) and the formation of political alliances between economic classes to preserve their economic interests. Ultimately, this project will also help to shed light on the factors behind the exceptional rise of Socialism in Imperial Germany between 1892-1914 and the counter-strategy implemented by ruling parties.

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Dr Christoph Koenig

Bristish Academy Leverhulme

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