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Management PhD students publish in top journals

13 June 2017

Research carried out by our management PhD students has recently been accepted and published by top management journals. These achievements strongly indicate that our management PhD students are conducting 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent' research in Business and Management.

  • Sophie Lythreatis

    Sophie Lythreatis, a 2nd year PhD student, published her research paper, "Participative Leadership and Organizational Identification in SMEs in the MENA Region: Testing the Roles of CSR Perceptions and Pride in Membership", in Journal of Business Ethics. This study examines the relationship between participative leadership and internal CSR perceptions of employees and investigates the role that pride in membership plays in the affiliation of CSR perceptions with organizational identification. Journal of Business Ethics is one of the Financial Times top 50 business and management journals and ranked 3* in the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ (CABS) Academic Journal Guide.

  • Jie Sheng

    Jie Sheng is a school bursary funded 3rd year PhD student. Her work, “A Multidisciplinary Perspective of Big Data in Management Research" has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Production Economics. The journal is a well-established interdisciplinary journal and ranked 3* in the CABS journal Guide. Her study presents a comprehensive review of the literature on big data in business and management research, with an attempt to identify the key themes in current big data research and clarify the research frontier.

  • Noor Farizah Ibrahim

    Noor Farizah Ibrahim recently enters the final year of her PhD study. Her research paper "Exploring the effect of user engagement in online brand communities: Evidence from Twitter" has now been published in Computers in Human Behavior. It is well respected Information Systems research journal and also ranked 3* in the CABS journal Guide. Based on the Twitter data posted on the popular social media platform, Noor’ research investigates the impact of online retailers’ engagement with the online brand communities on users’ perception of brand image and service.

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