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EFM professor’s research included in government review to advance digital technologies in Britain

14 December 2017

EFM Professor Palie Smart’s work on industrial sustainability has contributed to a government-wide push to boost the economy by making better use of advanced digital technologies.

In a recent report, ‘Made Smarter’, published in October, it was concluded that through more industrial digitalisation Britain’s manufacturing sector could benefit by as much as £455billion.

But government and industry would need to work much more closely together over the next decade, if they are to unlock the full digital potential, and put Britain at the forefront of these potential new markets.

The report was commissioned by the UK government and chaired by Siemens UK CEO Professor Juergen Maier.

A Professor in Operations Management, Professor Smart has recently joined EFM, and her work ‘Pre-paradigmatic status of industrial sustainability: a systematic review’, published in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, directly fed into the report.

The review also pulled together views from more than 200 other high-profile stakeholders, from companies like Rolls Royce, as well as academic institutions.

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