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Funding award from the British Academy

20 March 2017

Project to digitise data on strikes in late 19th and early 20th century England and Wales receives funding from British Academy

The British Academy has recently awarded Dr. Yanos Zylberberg of the School of EFiM funding for a project that intends to digitise a source of data on individual strikes and lock-outs between 1888 and 1914 in England and Wales.

The data found in the ‘Reports by the Labour Correspondent on the Strikes and Lockouts’ provides detailed information on firms, workers, causes behind the strikes, union support and settlements.

 ‘This is an unexplored and exceptionally rich source of data,’ said Dr. Zylberberg.  ‘It offers a unique opportunity to study bargaining between workers and firms in a context with large variations in union coverage – across occupations, cities and over time.’ 

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