News in 2018

  • Millions of pounds wasted on NHS management consultants, according to new research 20 February 2018 Millions of pounds are being wasted each year on NHS management consultants who are causing a service already under pressure to be less efficient rather than making things better, according to new research.
  • Thinking about applying for a MSc in Economics, Accounting and Finance, or Marketing? 13 February 2018 Let us help you achieve the best results possible, with our new scholarships.
  • Still a long way to go, a century on 6 February 2018 Today we celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Representation of The People Act, which allowed women (some, not all) to vote in the UK for the first time. Find out how our academics are still working to realise women’s equality – in a variety of different settings.
  • Karl Marx, dead or alive – what legacy has he left behind? 26 January 2018 Our profession – to which we dedicate so much time and effort – pervades our lives. We’re living in a time of significant shifts and profound changes to the world of work and economic life. Here, Dr Harry Pitts, a lecturer in Management at our School, discusses new ways of interpreting Marx’s theories on labour, income distribution and its continued relevance.
  • The pill and empowering young girls in Malaysia 9 January 2018 It's not a big stretch to imagine that greater access to birth control means women can increase their contribution to the labour force, and boost their earning potential throughout their lifetime. In rich countries, another direct effect of access to birth control is that women may be less likely to get pregnant before completing their schooling.
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