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NHS managers, part of the solution, not the problem

5 February 2019

New research suggests that NHS managers are far from being a bureaucratic burden and a waste of public money; rather, they add value to the healthcare system.

The research carried out by Professor Gianluca Veronesi (University of Bristol), Professor Ian Kirkpatrick (University of Warwick) and Associate Professor Ali Altanlar (University of Leeds) used a longitudinal database of 160 English NHS acute care hospital trusts spanning six years (from 2007 to 2012).

Find out more about the policy implications of their findings in the University of Bristol PolicyBristol briefing.

Further information

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Are Public Sector Managers a “Bureaucratic Burden”? The Case of English Public Hospitals by Gianluca Veronesi, Ian Kirkpatrick and Ali Altanlar in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

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