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Dr Patrick Arni awarded funding for Swiss National Research project SWISSLAB

7 February 2020

Dr Patrick Arni, Economics Senior Lecturer, has been awarded funding for a project on the National Research Programme “Digital Transformation” of the Swiss National Research Council

The Swiss National Research Council project has been provided funding for a four-year period to explore the digital transformation of the Swiss labour market (project SWISSLAB), led by the University of Basel. 

Dr Arni, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Economics, is involved in two of the project’s four main branches, where he will jointly research on the themes of task and skills demands, digitalisation and job search on the labour market. 

The first stage of the project will explore current market trends in depth, informing the second stage developing policy and testing the practical application of the knowledge gained. 

Dr Arni will co-lead the part of the study exploring current tendencies in the labour market and skills demand by researching job advertisements and identifying algorithms to trace behaviours, using methods of text mining and machine learning. 

One outcome of the project will be to define a ‘recommender tool’ that could help jobseekers in their search. The Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs showed interest in discussing the experimentation of such tools to support the job matching on the labour market. 

 “We are really happy that we have been awarded the funding of this focus project – it will allow for exciting research into core challenges of a digitalised labour market, producing outputs relevant to job seekers and policy design explained Dr Arni.



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