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Dr Sami Stouli awarded ESRC New Investigator Grant

7 February 2020

Sami Stouli, Economics Lecturer has been awarded a New Investigator Grant by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to support his research.

Assessing the impact of social and economic policies is a central concern for policymakers. However the way those policies are evaluated is often not effective.

The diagnostic tools employed by the vast majority of impact studies focus on average gains or losses from a policy. This is a potentially important shortcoming since, in practice, most individuals will not receive the average benefit or loss. The average effect of a policy is not informative about who loses and who benefits from a policy, and both the direction and magnitude of the effect may vary substantially across individuals.

In this research, Sami will develop quantitative techniques which allow for more nuanced policy evaluation by producing a statistical tool that will enable social scientists and policymakers to go beyond calculating average effects, while ensuring that their analysis is causal.

The project focuses on three specific tasks:

1. Producing econometric methods that capture the heterogeneity of causal effects.
2. Promoting nuanced quantitative policy evaluation.
3. Applying these new techniques to concrete examples from several fields, such as economics and health sciences.


“This ESRC New Investigator grant will allow me to pursue and expand a research agenda initiated during my PhD. I am very grateful to the ESRC for supporting this exciting project.” Dr Sami Stouli.

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