Professor Eugenio Proto

Professor Eugenio Proto

Professor Eugenio Proto
Professor of Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8417

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Department of Economics

Personal profile

Reseatch Interests

Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Economc Development and Growth


  • CEPR
  • IZA
  • CESifo
  • CAGE (Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy)

Editorial Activities 

  • Academic editor of PLOSONE
  • Associate editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Most recent working papers and publications

Can be accessed through his webpage 






EFIM30027 - Behavioural Economics 

Fields of interest

Applied Economics, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics

Key publications

  1. Proto, E, Rustichini, A & Sofianos, A, 2019, ‘Intelligence, personality, and gains from cooperation in repeated interactions’. Journal of Political Economy, vol 127., pp. 1351-1390
  2. Proto, E & Sgroi, D, 2017, ‘Biased beliefs and imperfect information’. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 136., pp. 186-202
  3. Broadberry, S, Ghosal, S & Proto, E, 2017, ‘Anonymity, efficiency wages and technological progress’. Journal of Development Economics, vol 127., pp. 379-394
  4. Proto, E & Oswald, AJ, 2017, ‘National Happiness and Genetic Distance: A Cautious Exploration’. Economic Journal, vol 127., pp. 2127-2152
  5. Liberini, F, Redoano, M & Proto, E, 2017, ‘Happy voters’. Journal of Public Economics, vol 146., pp. 41-57
  6. Oswald, AJ, Proto, E & Sgroi, D, 2015, ‘Happiness and productivity’. Journal of Labor Economics, vol 33., pp. 789-822

Latest publications

  1. Liberini, F, Oswald, AJ, Proto, E & Redoano, M, 2019, ‘Was Brexit triggered by the old and unhappy? Or by financial feelings?’. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 161., pp. 287-302
  2. Grimalda, G, Kar, A & Proto, E, 2016, ‘Procedural fairness in lotteries assigning initial roles in a dynamic setting’. Experimental Economics, vol 19., pp. 819-841
  3. Sgroi, D, Proto, E, Oswald, AJ & Dobson, A, 2016, ‘LABORATORY EVIDENCE for EMOTIONAL EXTERNALITIES: AN ESSAY in HONOR of EJ MISHAN’. Singapore Economic Review, vol 61.
  4. Proto, E & Rustichini, A, 2015, ‘Life satisfaction, income and personality’. Journal of Economic Psychology, vol 48., pp. 17-32
  5. Legros, P, Newman, AF & Proto, E, 2014, ‘Smithian growth through creative organization’. Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 96., pp. 796-811
  6. Proto, E & Rustichini, A, 2013, ‘A reassessment of the relationship between GDP and life satisfaction’. PLoS ONE, vol 8.
  7. Proto, E, Sgroi, D & Oswald, AJ, 2012, ‘Are happiness and productivity lower among young people with newly-divorced parents? An experimental and econometric approach’. Experimental Economics, vol 15., pp. 1-23
  8. Perroni, C & Proto, E, 2010, ‘Entrepreneurial drain under moral hazard: A high-yield sector curse?’. Journal of Development Economics, vol 93., pp. 63-70
  9. Ghosal, S & Proto, E, 2009, ‘Democracy, collective action and intra-elite conflict’. Journal of Public Economics, vol 93., pp. 1078-1089
  10. Grimalda, G, Kar, A & Proto, E, 2008, ‘On the value of participation: Endogenous emergence of social norms in a three-player ultimatum game experiment’. International Review of Economics, vol 55., pp. 127-147
  11. Proto, E, 2007, ‘Bank fragility and growth expectations’. BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, vol 7.
  12. Proto, E, 2007, ‘Land and the transition from a dual to a modern economy’. Journal of Development Economics, vol 83., pp. 88-108

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