Professor Helen Simpson

Professor Helen Simpson

Professor Helen Simpson
Professor of Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 3317935

Department of Economics

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Current affiliations

  • Research Affiliate, Centre for Economic Policy Research 2011–
  • Programme Director, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation 2009–

Current editorial and academic activities

  • Associate Editor, Regional Science and Urban Economics 2018–
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Economic Geography 2017–
  • ESRC Grants Assessment Panel Member 2016–
  • Associate Editor, Fiscal Studies 2013–


Urban economics, productivity, and innovation.



EFIMM0031 Industrial and Managerial Economics, Postgraduate

Fields of interest

Urban economics, productivity, and innovation.

Latest publications

  1. Acker, D, Orujov, A & Simpson, H, 2018, ‘Political donations and political risk in the UK: Evidence from a closely-fought election’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 92., pp. 146-167
  2. Brülhart, M & Simpson, H, 2018, ‘Agglomeration economies, taxable rents and government capture: Evidence from a place-based policy’. Journal of Economic Geography, vol 18., pp. 319-353
  3. Neumark, D & Simpson, HD, 2015, ‘Place-based policies’. in: Gilles Duranton, JV Henderson, William Strange (eds) The Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics. Academic Press
  4. Crawford, C, Jin, W & Simpson, HD, 2013, ‘Productivity, investment and profits during the Great Recession: evidence from UK firms and workers’. Fiscal Studies, vol 34., pp. 153-177
  5. Simpson, H, 2012, ‘Investment abroad and labour adjustment at home: evidence from UK multinational firms’. Canadian Journal of Economics, vol 45., pp. 698 - 731
  6. Simpson, H, 2012, ‘How do firms' outward FDI strategies relate to their activity at home? Empirical evidence for the UK’. World Economy, vol 35., pp. 243 - 272
  7. Abramovsky, L, Battistin, E, Fitzsimons, E, Goodman, A & Simpson, H, 2011, ‘Providing employers with incentives to train low-skilled workers: evidence from the UK Employer Training Pilots’. Journal of Labor Economics, vol 29., pp. 153 - 193
  8. Abramovsky, L & Simpson, H, 2011, ‘Geographic proximity and firm-university innovation linkages: evidence from Great Britain’. Journal of Economic Geography, vol 11., pp. 949 - 977
  9. Griffith, R, Harrison, R & Simpson, H, 2010, ‘Product market competition, innovation and productivity growth’. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 112., pp. 389 - 415
  10. Auerbach, A, Devereux, M & Simpson, H, 2010, ‘Taxing Corporate Income’. in: J Mirrlees, S Adam, T Besley, R Blundell, S Bond, R Chote, M Gammie, P Johnson, G Myles, J Poterba (eds) Dimensions of Tax Design. The Mirrlees Review. Oxford University Press
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  18. Griffith, R, Redding, S & Simpson, H, 2004, ‘Foreign ownership and productivity: new evidence from the service sector and the R&D lab’. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol 20(3)., pp. 440 - 456

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