Professor Helen Simpson

Professor Helen Simpson

Professor Helen Simpson
Professor of Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 3317935

Department of Economics

Personal profile

Research Director and REF UoA Co-ordinator

Director Centre for Evidence-based Public Services


Current affiliations

  • Research Affiliate, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) 2011–

Current editorial and academic activities

  • Associate Editor, Regional Science and Urban Economics 2018–
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Economic Geography 2017–
  • ESRC Grants Assessment Panel Member 2016–
  • Associate Editor, Fiscal Studies 2013–


Urban economics, productivity, and innovation.



EFIM20038 Microeconomic Analysis, Undergraduate

EFIMM0031 Industrial and Managerial Economics, Postgraduate

Fields of interest

Urban economics, productivity, and innovation.

Latest publications

  1. Acker, D, Orujov, A & Simpson, H, 2018, ‘Political donations and political risk in the UK: Evidence from a closely-fought election’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 92., pp. 146-167
  2. Brülhart, M & Simpson, H, 2018, ‘Agglomeration economies, taxable rents and government capture: Evidence from a place-based policy’. Journal of Economic Geography, vol 18., pp. 319-353
  3. Neumark, D & Simpson, HD, 2015, ‘Place-based policies’. in: Gilles Duranton, JV Henderson, William Strange (eds) The Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics. Academic Press
  4. Crawford, C, Jin, W & Simpson, HD, 2013, ‘Productivity, investment and profits during the Great Recession: evidence from UK firms and workers’. Fiscal Studies, vol 34., pp. 153-177
  5. Simpson, H, 2012, ‘Investment abroad and labour adjustment at home: evidence from UK multinational firms’. Canadian Journal of Economics, vol 45., pp. 698 - 731
  6. Simpson, H, 2012, ‘How do firms' outward FDI strategies relate to their activity at home? Empirical evidence for the UK’. World Economy, vol 35., pp. 243 - 272
  7. Abramovsky, L, Battistin, E, Fitzsimons, E, Goodman, A & Simpson, H, 2011, ‘Providing employers with incentives to train low-skilled workers: evidence from the UK Employer Training Pilots’. Journal of Labor Economics, vol 29., pp. 153 - 193
  8. Abramovsky, L & Simpson, H, 2011, ‘Geographic proximity and firm-university innovation linkages: evidence from Great Britain’. Journal of Economic Geography, vol 11., pp. 949 - 977
  9. Griffith, R, Harrison, R & Simpson, H, 2010, ‘Product market competition, innovation and productivity growth’. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 112., pp. 389 - 415
  10. Auerbach, A, Devereux, M & Simpson, H, 2010, ‘Taxing Corporate Income’. in: J Mirrlees, S Adam, T Besley, R Blundell, S Bond, R Chote, M Gammie, P Johnson, G Myles, J Poterba (eds) Dimensions of Tax Design. The Mirrlees Review. Oxford University Press
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  18. Griffith, R, Redding, S & Simpson, H, 2004, ‘Foreign ownership and productivity: new evidence from the service sector and the R&D lab’. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol 20(3)., pp. 440 - 456

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