Professor Ian Tonks

Professor Ian Tonks

Professor Ian Tonks
Professor of Finance and Interim Head of School Accounting and Finance

15-19 Tyndall's Park Rd, Bristol,
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41488

Department of Accounting and Finance


Ian Tonks is a Professor of Finance in the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Bristol. His research focuses on pension economics; annuities; fund management; directors’ trading; and market microstructure. He has published in leading finance, economics, accounting and management journals. He has previously held positions at universities of Bath, Exeter, Bristol and the London School of Economics; and has held visiting positions at: Bank of England (Senior Houblon-Norman Fellow); Financial Services Authority (ESRC Business Fellowship). He was a member of the ESRC’s Grant Advisory Panel 2012-2018; member of sub-panel 19 B&M for REF2014; and is a member of sub-panel 17 B&M for REF2021. He has acted as an expert witness in a legal case on financial regulation, and has provided advice to a number of commercial and regulatory organisations including London Stock Exchange, Competition Commission, Financial Services Authority, and Financial Conducts Authority; and has advised HM Treasury, Bank of England, Department of Work and Pensions, and House of Commons Work & Pensions Select Committee on issues in pensions.

Key publications

  1. Tonks, I & Goergen, M, 2019, ‘Introduction to special issue on sustainable corporate governance’. British Journal of Management, vol 30., pp. 1-7
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Latest publications

  1. Cannon, E, Tonks, I & Yuille, R, 2016, ‘The Effect of the Reforms to Compulsion on Annuity Demand’. National Institute Economic Review, vol 237., pp. R47-R54
  2. Cannon, E & Tonks, I, 2013, ‘The Value and Risk of Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: International Evidence’. Journal of Risk and Insurance, vol 80., pp. 95-119
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