Dr Jon Eguia

Dr Jon Eguia

Dr Jon Eguia
Senior Research Fellow

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8435

Department of Economics

Personal profile

I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in Economics. I joined the University of Bristol in 2013.

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PhD workshop on the Foundations of Rational Choice Theory, January 20th, 2014. 

Fields of interest

Economic Theory. Microeconomics. Game Theory. Political Economy. Collective Choice Theory.

Key publications

  1. Asparouhova, E, Bossaerts, P, Eguia, JX & Zame, W, 2015, ‘Asset Pricing and Asymmetric Reasoning’. Journal of Political Economy, vol 123., pp. 66-122
  2. Eguia, JX, 2011, ‘Endogenous Parties in an Assembly’. American Journal of Political Science, vol 55., pp. 16-26
  3. Eguia, JX, 2011, ‘Voting blocs, party discipline and party formation’. Games and Economic Behavior, vol 73., pp. 111-135
  4. Eguia, J & Shepsle, KA, 2015, ‘Legislative Bargaining with Endogenous Rules’. Journal of Politics., pp. 1076-1088

Latest publications

  1. Eguia, JX, 2013, ‘On the spatial representation of preference profiles’. Economic Theory, vol 52., pp. 103-128
  2. Eguia, JX, 2013, ‘The Origin of Parties: The United States Congress in 1789-1797 as a Test Case’. Economics & Politics, vol 25., pp. 313-334
  3. Eguia, JX, 2012, ‘A spatial theory of party formation’. Economic Theory, vol 49., pp. 549-570
  4. Eguia, JX, 2011, ‘Foundations of spatial preferences’. Journal of mathematical economics, vol 47., pp. 200-205
  5. Eguia, JX, 2009, ‘Utility Representations of Risk Neutral Preferences in Multiple Dimensions’. Quarterly journal of political science, vol 4., pp. 379-385
  6. Eguia, JX, 2007, ‘Citizen candidates under uncertainty’. Social Choice and Welfare, vol 29., pp. 317-331
  7. Echenique, F & Eguia, JX, 2007, ‘Cohesion, insurance and redistribution’. Quarterly journal of political science, vol 2., pp. 287-305
  8. Eguia, JX, 2007, ‘United we vote’. Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol 9., pp. 607-639

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