Professor Martin Parker

Professor Martin Parker

Professor Martin Parker
Professor of Organisation Studies

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 82350

Department of Management

Personal profile

I started working at Bristol in 2018, after posts at Staffordshire, Keele, Warwick and Leicester Universities. My academic qualifications are in anthropology and sociology, and I like making connections between management and other disciplines in the social sciences, arts and humanities. Pretty much everything I can do is shaped by a sense of the politics of organizing and culture, and my sense that ideas about management always need to be analysed critically. I used to edit the journal Organization and am currently lead for the Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative. You can find a full publications list at


My research and writing is an attempt to widen the scope of what is usually part of business and management studies, whether in terms of particular sorts of organisations (the circus, the worker co-op, Apollo space programme etc), or ways of representing organising (in art, cartoons, films etc).

My recent writing has been about ‘alternative’ organisation in two senses. One is work on co-operatives, worker self-management, alternative finance and so on. The other is on different ways of thinking about what ‘organisation’ means, so I have written about angels, shipping containers, art galleries, as well as a book on outlaws. My last book was called 'Shut Down the Business School' and I am the lead for the Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative.

I am also very interested in how academics write, and how they might cultivate new audiences for their ideas, and I write journalism as regularly as I can.

My plans for the next few years include pieces on the history of zoos, comic book villains and dead spaces in and around organizations.

Key publications

  1. Parker, M, 2018, ‘Shut Down the Business School!: An insider’s account of what’s wrong with management education’. Pluto Press
  2. Hamilton, V & Parker, M, 2016, ‘Daniel Defoe and the Bank of England: The Dark Arts of Projectors’. Zero Books
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  7. Parker, M, 2013, ‘Alternative Business: Outlaws, Crime and Culture’. Routledge

Latest publications

  1. Parker, M, 2019, ‘S'ha convertit la universitat en una escola de negocis?’. Debats, vol 133., pp. 101-104
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