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Publication - Professor Martin Parker

    Responsibility and the local

    The prospects for critical management in Turkey


    Alakavuklar, ON & Parker, M, 2011, ‘Responsibility and the local: The prospects for critical management in Turkey’. Critical Perspectives on International Business, vol 7., pp. 326-342


    Purpose: The aim of this paper is to understand the possible role of critical accounts of management in a developing country like Turkey, when the origin of the dominant critical theories is the global North, particularly Europe. Design/methodology/approach: This study uses a broadly historical and institutional approach, as well as the local experiences of the first author. Findings: On the basis of the discussion the authors suggest that current forms of critical management are unlikely to find a home in Turkey for various reasons, hence, they argue that there is a need for local knowledge production rather than importation. Originality/value: This paper presents a view of what it means to be "critical" from the perspective of a developing country, and a consideration of the role of a critical scholar in a context in which local priorities might be more important than theoretical elaboration.

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