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Publication - Professor Martin Parker

    The responsibilities of management intellectuals

    A survey


    Dunne, S, Harney, S & Parker, M, 2008, ‘The responsibilities of management intellectuals: A survey’. Organization, vol 15., pp. 271-282


    This article discusses our analysis of over 2,000 articles published within 20 top business and management journals. The article empirically demonstrates how little attention is being paid by the work published within these journals to contemporary political issues across the globe. We also demonstrate the extent to which the same is true of 'critical' journals such as Organization. To this end we argue that mass scholarly ranking mechanisms, such as the British Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), create a general state of myopia on the part of business and management scholars towards a variety of political issues, even making a virtue out of ignorance in this regard. We suggest that this is not simply a problem for critical management studies and proceed to raise the question of what the responsibility of business and management academia actually is.

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