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Publication - Professor Martin Parker

    Judgement day

    Cyborganization, humanism and postmodern ethics


    Parker, M, 1998, ‘Judgement day: Cyborganization, humanism and postmodern ethics’. Organization, vol 5., pp. 503-518


    This paper attempts to make connections between a post-foundational epistemology, science fiction films and 'critical management'. Relying loosely on actor-network theory and the concept of cyborganization I attempt to examine how modes of organizing might be judged. I suggest that the condition of possibility of any acts of ethical-political judgement must be a humanist ontology and epistemology. If these foundations are thrown into question then acts of judgement are necessarily also made suspect. The paper concludes with no new foundations, merely the injunction that judgement, of organizations as of anything else, will and must continue but that it should always be recognized as contingent and local.

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