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Publication - Professor Michael Jones

    The ‘internationalisation’ of accounting history publishing


    Jones, MJ & Oldroyd, D, 2015, ‘The ‘internationalisation’ of accounting history publishing’. British Accounting Review, vol 47., pp. 117-123


    The World Congress at Newcastle, United Kingdom was the thirteenth such
    event. It attracted delegates from across the world and 119 papers were
    presented – 66% from academics from four countries (Italy, Turkey, UK
    and US). Most of these papers (75%) covered the period from 1800
    onwards. This paper sets out the contextual framework in which the
    papers presented at the World Congress should be viewed with particular
    reference to the problems faced by non-Anglo-Saxon academics
    trying to publish in English-language journals. It then introduces the
    papers accepted for the special issue, highlighting some of the
    overlapping themes. These papers cover a wider range of topics than is
    usual in English-speaking journals (two relating to British
    Shipbuilding, one on accounting developments from Mesopotamia to today,
    one on Japanese accounting in World War II and two on medieval
    accounting (in England and Turkey).

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