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Publication - Professor Michael Jones

    Editorial Boards of Accounting Journals

    Gender Diversity and Internationalism


    Jones, MJ & Dhanani, A, 2017, ‘Editorial Boards of Accounting Journals: Gender Diversity and Internationalism’. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, vol 30.


    Purpose: Editorial boards of academic journals represent a key institutional mechanism in the governance and functioning of the academic community. Board members play an important role in knowledge production and development of the discipline. This exploratory study enquires into the diversity characteristics of boards of accounting journals.

    Design: Drawing on a diversity framework that distinguishes between societal diversity and value of diversity, the paper examines two board characteristics: gender diversity and internationalisation. Moreover, it examines the influence of three journal and two editor characteristics on board diversity and analyses trends over time.

    Findings: On gender, overall board trends are consistent with societal diversity and value of diversity: boards reflect the gender profile of senior academics. Further, female representation on boards is broadly consistent across the different journal nationalities; has improved over time; has experienced a convergence in ‘gender sensitive’ sub-disciplines; and is influenced by female editorship. However, inequities appear to be present at the highest level: women appear to be less well represented than men as editors and women also have a lower representation on boards of higher ranked journals than on those of lower ranked journals. On internationalisation, once again overall trends broadly reflect societal diversity and value at diversity. However, international scholars are less well represented on 4* boards than on 2* and 3* boards and on US boards than on Australian and UK boards. Further, there are signs of weakening US dominance in non-US journals.

    Originality: Drawing on the diversity framework, this study is the first comprehensively to examine gender diversity and internationalisation of accounting boards.

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