Dr Nikolaos Stylos

Dr Nikolaos Stylos

Dr Nikolaos Stylos
Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 84500

Department of Management


Personal Profile

Nikolaos Stylos is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor level) in Marketing. An inter- and multi-disciplinary academic with extensive research activities in consumer behaviour, digital marketing communications, tourism marketing, as well as, environmental management and sustainability.

Dr Stylos has a PhD in Business Administration (Marketing), an MBA degree, an MSc degree in Mechanical Reliability Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He served as a professional management and technical consultant working out marketing management projects and energy/environmental studies in areas such as Textiles, General Trading, Health (clinics) and Beauty Industry for more than a decade. He has also contributed to new product development (NPD) for the Wineries & Spirits sector. 

Niko has been nominated for his cutting-edge and inspirational style of teaching and he is recognised as a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr Stylos has an internationally recognised research profile and has given talks/presented at Universities in the UK, Spain, UAE, and Greece. He has gained research funding from British organisations, worked on EU funded projects and participates in international research consortia.

Specific Research Interests

Cross-cultural consumer behaviour, online consumer behaviour and human-computers interaction, digital marketing comms, 3D Printing (3DP), social media and relevant digital applications, tourism destinations marketing & management, sustainability marketing, sustainability in tourism & hospitality, management of renewable energy resources.

Dr Stylos has several 4* and 3* publications in top-tier international academic journals, including the top ones in digital marketing, tourism management and marketing, and sustainability, e.g. Tourism Management, Journal of Business Research, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Journal of Cleaner Production.

The projects he is currently working on relate to contemporary marketing management and consumer behaviour challenges, thus creating a long pipeline of innovative publications and impact case studies.

He also acts as a reviewer for the leading journals in these fields of research.

Leadership (Research)

Dr Stylos is the founder and leader of the 'Smart Networks for Sustainable Futures' university-wide Research Group(http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fssl/research/groups/smart-networks-for-sustainable-futures/) since 2017. He also holds the role of Innovation & Digitalisation Interdisciplinary Research Theme Champion in the School of Management, University of Bristol, since June 2019. He previou sly founded and led the Marketing Science Laboratory (MaRS Lab) at Wolverhampton University.

He is currently supervising four exceptional PhD candidates. 

Leadership (Teaching)

Dr Stylos is the Programme Director of MSc Marketing, a highly innovative programme. As programme director of MSc Marketing, he led the design of the programme’s three pathways/awards and 12 units. This resulted to a unique and highly successful specialist master’s in marketing programme with a proper coverage of state-of-the-art marketing knowledge.

Research Grants

  • 2019, Title: How is 3D Printing changing lives?, The British Academy Summer Showcase 2019, value-in-kind support, 2019, as Co-PI, 50%
  • 2019, Title: Exploring event organizers perceptions on co-creation and co-destruction: the case of Abu Dhabi, £25,000, Research Intensive Fund Zayed University (01/2019 – 12/2020), as Co-I.
  • 2018, Title: 4D IRIDA Career Pathfinder, ESRC IAA Business Boost grants, £9,999, 2018-2019, as PI, 100%
  • 2018, Title: 3D Printing: Democratisation or Mass Customisation?, British Academy Small Grants / Leverhulme, £10,000, 2018-2020, as Co-PI, 50%
  • 2017, Title: Sustainability modelling and sharing Economy in Hospitality, Research Platform/Dept. Management University of Bristol, £3,356, 2017-2018, as PI, 100%
  • 2016, Title: Exploring the city-circle bus sightseeing experience and its influence on tourists’ intentions to revisit urban tourism destinations, ERAS research scheme University of Wolverhampton, £5,000, 2016-2017, as PI, 100%
  • 2010, Title: HESCAP: New generation, High Energy and power density Supercapacitor based energy storage system, European Union/FP7-Cooperation-Call identifier: FP7-ENERGY-2009-1, €2,298,764, 2010-2013, as Co-PI, 20%.

External Roles

Dr Stylos holds the following roles:

  • Associate Editor (and previously Guest Editor) Frontiers in Psychology: Organization Psychology section.
  • Associate Editor Journal of Tourism Analysis: Revista de Análisis Turístico in the field of tourism marketing.  
  • Editorial Board Member for Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights.
  • External Examiner for PhD viva voci.
  • External Examiner for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Marketing programmes in Middlesex University London and Dubai campuses.
  • Project Evaluator for Research, Technologic al Development and Innovation Programmes of the Research Promotion Foundation in the Republic of Cyprus (large EU funded programmes).


For PhD applicants

PhD applications are more than welcome and selectively supported. Potential applicants are invited to send by email a draft proposal with their CV and evidence of their main qualifications attached.


Latest publications

  1. Stylos, N & Zwiegelaar, J, 2019, ‘Big Data as a Game Changer: How does it shape business intelligence within a tourism and hospitality industry context?’. in: Marianna Sigala, Roya Rahimi, Mike Thelwall (eds) Big Data and Innovation in Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality: Managerial Approaches, Techniques, and Applications. Springer, Singapore, Singapore, pp. 163-181
  2. Pantano, E, Priporas, C-V, Stylos, N & Dennis, C, 2019, ‘Facilitating tourists' decision making through open data analyses: A novel recommender system’. Tourism Management Perspectives, vol 31., pp. 323-331
  3. Stylos, N, 2019, ‘Technological Evolution and Tourist Decision-making: A Perspective Article’. Tourism Review.
  4. Rossi, R, Stylos, N & Nairn, A, 2019, ‘Content Analysis In Times Of Big Data And Sophisticated Machine Learning – A Systematic Review Of Methods To Analyse Text In Online Consumer Reviews.’. in: Academy of Marketing Conference 2019: 52nd Annual Conference Proceedings., London
  5. Beltagui, A, Sesis, A & Stylos, N, 2019, ‘3D printing, makerspaces and innovation:a bricolage perspective’.
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