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Publication - Dr Nikolaos Stylos

    Destination images, holistic images and personal normative beliefs

    Predictors of intention to revisit a destination


    Stylos, N, Vassiliadis, CA, Bellou, V & Andronikidis, A, 2016, ‘Destination images, holistic images and personal normative beliefs: Predictors of intention to revisit a destination’. Tourism Management, vol 53., pp. 40-60


    This research examines the complex relationship between components of images of destinations and behavioral intentions, incorporating two pivotal constructs that have not been explored in the related literature, namely holistic image and personal normative beliefs (PNBs). Previous studies incorporating destination images as predictors of intention to revisit have mostly investigated their direct effect. This research integrates holistic image as a mediator and PNBs as a moderating variable. The findings verify the mediating role of holistic image for predicting tourists’ intentions to revisit a destination, supporting a model that incorporates a partial effect and two indirect mediations. Interestingly, only affective and conative images contribute to the prediction of tourists’ intentions to revisit a destination through the holistic image towards this destination. Moreover, PNBs moderate the effect that conative destination images have on tourists’ holistic images. Practically, the research sheds light to factors that affect tourists' tendency to select a tourism destination, which can serve as a basis for tailoring the effective positioning of destinations.

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