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Publication - Professor Palie Smart

    Servitization within manufacturing operations

    An exploration of the impact on facilities practices


    Baines, TS, Lightfoot, HW & Smart, P, 2012, ‘Servitization within manufacturing operations: An exploration of the impact on facilities practices’. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, vol 226., pp. 377-380


    Servitization is a growing area of interest amongst practitioners, policymakers, and academics, and much is still to be learnt about its adoption in practice. This paper makes a contribution to this debate by identifying the key facilities practices that successful servitizing manufacturers appear to be deploying, and the underlying rationale behind their configuration. Although these are preliminary findings from a longer-term research programme, this short communication seeks to highlight the implications for manufacturing professionals and organizations who are considering the servitization of their operations.

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